What is RecapReply?

Every day, we learn and share information about the world on social media. But social media has downsides, too: biased perspectives, misinformation, and more.

Sometimes these harmful responses come from bad actors who intentionally try to spread propaganda. But some of the responses come from everyday people who simply haven’t had the chance to learn about a topic.

Good replies can be hard work! In order to respond well, you’d need to collect reputable sources and write in an easy to understand way.

At RecapReply we write friendly replies to some of the most common responses to today’s biggest issues. Just drop a link to one of our posts in your reply to save your time and energy!

We think it’s important to recognize that people often don’t have the information they need to make informed choices. That’s why we write non-judgmental, conversational posts to educate, not demonize.

If you have a reply you’d like to see, let us know on Twitter!